Booking Terms & Conditions

All reservations are confirmed by email, following the completion and return of each of the required forms, as well as the receipt of a non-refundable deposit to the value of 20% of the total amount of the rental fee (excluding the £250.00 refundable security deposit).

One member of the travelling party must complete all the required forms. This person will become “the client”.


Payments can be made via personal cheque or direct bank transfer.

Please notify us of your preferred payment type and we will provide the appropriate details. Upon receipt of your deposit, we will send out an email to you confirming receipt.

Payment of the outstanding balance is due 9 weeks prior to your arrival. On receipt of the outstanding balance and including the refundable £250.00 security deposit, we will send out an email to you confirming receipt.

If pool heat is required this should be requested at the time of booking, however it may be added later.

Please note that If your booking is made less than 9 weeks before departure, we require payment in full at the time of booking.

Check-in / Check-Out Times

Check-in is from 4pm

Check-Out is no later than 10 am (or as agreed)

A late check out of 4pm is available subject to availability for an additional cost of £65.00. This must be requested and agreed prior to arrival.

Failure to vacate on time will result in a charge equal to one nights accommodation being taken.

Cancellation Policy

Period before Departure Cancellation Charges:

More than 9 weeks Loss of deposit.

Less than 9 weeks 100% rental cost.

The client must confirm all cancellations in writing via email to

In the unlikely event that circumstances beyond the owners control necessitates the cancellation of the rental agreement, the owner reserves the right to cancel any bookings at any time and will only be liable to refund monies already paid by the client, including any deposits.

Furthermore, the owner cannot guarantee that all facilities described in their marketing material will be available.

Complaints or Dissatisfaction

In the unlikely event of a complaint during your stay, please contact our management company KBL Villas immediately, their details are available at the property.

If the matter cannot be resolved you should contact the owner, via email to, within 14 days of the end of the rental period. If the problem is not reported as requested, to either our management company or owner within the required period then the owner will accept no responsibility.

Force Majeure

The owners or their agents cannot accept responsibility, be responsible or be liable in respect of damages or changes caused by Force Majeure e.g, strikes, floods, closure of airports or shops, weather conditions, power loss or other events beyond our control.

Rental Terms & Conditions

  1. General: Any act or omissions by any guests which results in any damage to the property or the associated land may result in a significant financial penalty which will be assessed in line with the cost associated of any work required to resolve or repair any issues or damage caused.
  2. CCTV: CCTV is in operation on and around the outside of the villa. This is intended to provide the property owners and guests with an additional layer of security. Guests must not any any time interfere in any way with the cameras or equipment which is located around the property , this includes the placing of anything items on or over the cameras.
  3. Reasonable use: all guests are expected to make reasonable use of any furniture, appliances and any other items which are provided by the owners for the comfort, safety and well being of the guests. Excessive use and use which is considered unreasonable is not allowed and may result in a financial penalty for the repair, removal, cleaning, or replacement of any item affected.
  4. Areas with restricted access: No guests are permitted access to any of the owners cupboards located within the property which are marked accordingly. These are located next to the front queen bedroom, within the closet of the master bedroom and in the garage. Each of these 4 areas are alarmed, and any breach will resulted in a financial penalty to the guest associated to the repair or replacement of any damage caused or sustained as a result of the breach. In addition, no guest is authorised to access the attic area of the villa.
  5. Wi-Fi and other smart accounts: Wi-Fi is provided for the sole use of guests, however no action should be undertaken by them which results in the alteration of any part of the configuration of the system, including passwords. In addition in the event that any guests login to personal accounts such as Netflix during their stay, it is their sole responsibility to ensure that these are removed from the relevant device, prior to departure.
  6. Self-catering: Hills Bay Hideaway is self-contained. You are responsible for purchasing food, paper goods, cleaning supplies or other necessities you require during your stay.
  7. Trash: Details of the schedules relating to the pick up of trash is posted in garage of the vacation home. Trash must be in a sealed trash bag and put in the bin, which must be placed at the end of the driveway for pick-up. All trash must be removed from inside the home at departure. A charge of £75.00 will be made for excess trash removal after your departure.
  8. Spills and stains on the countertops, floorings, bedding and furniture: If you spill something please clean it up quickly. failure to do so may result in you being financially responsible for having the stain removed.
  9. Departure: Check-out time is 11am. The management company must have time to prepare the villa for the next guests. Please leave the house secured and ensure the front door is locked. DO NOT leave via the Garage door. There are no refunds for early departure.
  10. Smoking/Vaping Policy: NO SMOKING or VAPING OF ANY KIND IS PERMITTED INSIDE OF THE VILLA. Many people are offended by the smell of smoke. The owners and all following guests would appreciate you honouring their wishes by smoking/Vaping outside, away from any windows or doors. Smoking/Vaping in the Villa will incur a de-odourising fee of £500.
  11. Our Villa is situated in a quiet community. It is a condition of the rental that you should be considerate in your behaviour and keep noise levels to a reasonable level so as not to disturb any other residents.
  12. We DO NOT rent to Stag or Hen Groups, groups of college or university students. Failure to disclose this will result in eviction without the option of any refund.
  13. Refunds on breakdowns: No appliances associated with the villa are guaranteed. There will be no refunds on appliances, power, water, telephone, cable, toilets, pool heaters, pumps or any item on the rental property due to breakdown. The villa is kept in good working order and all efforts will be made to have any breakdown repaired during normal business hours.
  14. Safe: A safe is available for use by guests, and is located in the king master suite closet. There is a single key for its operation and no spare is available. Therefore any use of this is undertaken at the risk of the guest, the owners do not accept any liability in relation to this item in terms of its use or reliability.
  15. Excessive electrical use: Please keep all sliding glass doors, pool doors, front and back doors, entrance doors, and all windows closed at all times. Air conditioners can run 24 hours a day all year round. The systems default temperature setting is 77 Degrees. The AC unit, thermostat, doors and windows are all monitored and the owner will be alerted to any misuse, which may result in a financial penalty. Leaving any doors or windows open in excess of 4 minutes will result in the thermostat changing in line with the owners settings. Once the respective door or window is closed the system will begin to return the system to the default setting. Note: If the AC is set to 72 degrees or lower, the unit may freeze up due to misuse. Any Call out/repair costs will be charged to you the guest in the event of your unit freezing due to misuse. With the exception of the AC system, all appliances including ceiling fans must be turned off whilst the property is unoccupied.
  16. Maximum number of occupants: Hills Bay Hideaway has a legal maximum occupancy of 8 guests. By law, homes are not allowed to exceed the maximum authorised occupancy. Children over 2 years of age will be counted as one person. Groups exceeding this number will be evicted from the property without the offer of a refund on any part of their payment. The owners are required by law to obtain the details of all guests who are to reside at the property for the part or all of the duration of the rental period. Therefore, only those guests who are recorded on this form can reside at the property for all or any part of the agreed rental term.
  17. Pool Rules: All guests and visitors, use the pool at their own risk, no life guard on duty. Children are to be supervised at all times, no running, diving, horse play and no glass items are allowed in pool area (suitable tableware is provided by the owners). No yelling or screaming (you do have neighbours). All communities have a noise ordinance after 10 pm.
  18. Pool Equipment; Under no circumstance is a guest to adjust, turn or move any lever or switch on anything which forms part of the pool equipment. This includes but is not limited to the pool pump and pool heater or any associated timers. Such interference will result in you being solely financially responsible for any damages, costs that occur from adjusting any levers or any apparatus attached to the pool equipment. During the months November, December, January, February and March, an additive is applied to the pool. This will help in retaining the heat within the water, making the pool more useable. Any issues that may occur relating to the pool and the associated equipment must be reported to the owner and/or the management company without delay. By Florida State Law it is an offence to interfere or tamper with alarms on any of the doors opening onto the Pool Deck Area. There will be a £350 fine for failing to comply.
  19. Use of BBQ equipment: The use of any BBQ or any other equipment designed or intended for the use of cooking food within the screened pool area is not permitted in line with current laws. In addition, no BBQ or other cooking equipment should be used within the garage area of the villa. The owners and management company will not provide BBQ equipment for guests, and any breach of this will result in possible eviction without the offer of any refund of any monies paid. If a guest wishes to use a BBQ, then they must only do so in the larger garden area which is located to the right of the property. In such an event the guest is required to ensure that such use is far enough away from the property and screened pool area so to reduce any risk of damage through fire or smoke. The guest will be responsible for any costs associated with any cleaning which is required following a breach of this rule. Failure to adhere to this may also increase the risk to the property and it’s guests of unwanted animals who may be attracted to the area. Guests should note that wild animals which can cause serious harm including alligators, bob cats and racoons are present within the area of the villa.
  20. Any act or omissions by any guests which results in any damage to the property or the associated land will result in a significant financial penalty which will be assessed in line with the cost associated of any work required to resolve or repair any issues or damage caused.
  21. No rearranging of furniture or bedding: If you disregard this request, you will be charged for the cost of the crew required to replace items in original places.
  22. In house instructions: The home is equipped with a welcome book with information for your interest. It also has important contact information and associated phone numbers for your use. Please refer to this book or call the management company with any questions that you may have.
  23. Door/Window alarms: DO NOT DISABLE OR DISARM ANY ALARM ON ANY WINDOW OR DOOR. The Central Alarm is linked and MUST BE ACTIVATED when leaving the Villa Unattended. DO NOT tamper with the alarm controls as you will be responsible for any type of misuse and incur costs to repair. The alarm system is remotely monitored. By Florida State Law it is an offence to interfere or tamper with alarms on any of the doors opening onto the Pool Deck Area. There will be a £350 fine for failing to comply.
  24. Insects: Florida is in the Tropics, we do have Insects! Do not leave food on the counter tops or in the pool area. Clean up all spills immediately. Do not eat in the bedrooms. Do not leave wet or dirty clothes on the floor.
  25. Linens, Towels and Ironing: DO NOT wash your personal items with any of the towels or linens in this home. Wash towels and linens separately. Do not iron on bedding, table, counter tops or floor. Use the ironing board only. Do not leave excessive dirty towels and linens on departure. Excessive laundry (more than 3 loads of towels) will result in a charge of £75.00 to you.
  26. Linens/Towels: Inventory of all items has been taken and will be checked on departure. All costs associated with replacing any stained, bleached or missing linen, towels, face clothes, hand towels, tea towels or dish cloths will be charged to you.
  27. Toilets: Do not use excessive amounts of toilet tissue, and do not flush paper towels, feminine items or diapers/nappies down the toilet. There is a plunger if needed. If there is a problem, call our management company KBL Villas immediately. If maintenance determines that the blocked toilet is a result of excessive toilet paper or any other of the ‘do not flush’ items you will be liable for the payment of any work which is undertaken to resolve the issue.

Pool Heating

. I understand that if I or anyone in my party adjusts the temperature settings on the pool heater or timer I will automatically be liable for charges and assume responsibility for any repairs to the pool, pool pump or heater.

Electric pool heat is charged per week, or as agreed.

The default temperature of the pool heater is 83F, however in certain circumstances, outside the may only heat the pool water to a temperature which is approximately 10°F above the outside temperature during the colder months.

If the outdoor ambient temperature falls below 50°F , the heating unit will not heat the pool and may shut down. I understand that there are no refunds due to the inability of the pool heater to heat the pool during the cold months.

Prearranged pool heat is turned on one day prior to arrival.

If you have any questions originating from our terms & conditions, please contact us.