Finding cheap flights to Orlando can, depending on the time of year  be fairly easy, it all depends on your flexibility. For those who are confined to travelling during school holidays however, the process becomes much more difficult. As time becomes more precious, the quicker we can achieve our goals and find what we’re looking for all the better. We have come up with some ideas on finding cheap flights to Orlando.

Comparison websites are a god send, simply enter one set of search criteria, and whole host of results are put in front of you, it really doesn’t get any easier, or does it? Well there are a couple of things to remember, one of which is not all airlines use comparison websites, and secondly it pays to be open minded with regards to who you prefer to fly with, as many of the smaller or lesser known companies some times offer the best deals.

Do all of the comparison websites provide the same results?

We didn’t know so we carried out our own survey. First of all we searched for ‘flight comparison websites’ on Google. We then used the top five non paid (adverts) results. We applied the same set criteria for each of the comparison websites, and here are the results; which are accurate as of 16/04/2016.

[supsystic-tables id=’12’]

Data based on return flights from Manchester to Orlando International and are based on price per person. Accurate as of 16/04/2016.

Another feature of the better comparison websites, is the fare alert, system which as the name suggests, simply emails you when one of your predetermined flights is reduced.

Direct flights may look more expensive, but are they really?

This is a matter for yourself, only you know whether or not the savings on offer to you for flying indirect and in effect delaying your arrival and often bring forward you departure are really worth it.

I have a price from a comparison website, what now?

You have nothing to lose, pick up the telephone and call the airline direct. It may or may not result is a discount, but it’s worth doing, especially if the price you have been provided via the comparison website is one other than the airline itself, i.e a third party company. Another little tip is to look at associated airlines, for example look at Delta who are a partner to Virgin Atlantic, although they use the same flights, the prices are sometimes reduced.

So there we have it, a fairly simple and efficient way of finding cheap flights to Orlando, best of luck.